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How to break into the ‘world’s hottest’ ‘breakfast shop’ with $50k in cash

Breakfast boutique and beauty retailer Betsey’s is set to close its doors this year, following its acquisition by boutique chain Breakfast Collective, according to a report. 

The boutique chain, founded by the actress, is set for closure in 2018, following a $30 million funding round. 

“We are not planning to shut our doors, as we have a tremendous amount of loyal and loyal customers that have been with us for so long,” the company said in a statement.

“We wish Betsey and her family all the best for the future, and look forward to returning to our roots of making delicious products for our loyal customers.” 

Betsey’s has been in the spotlight in recent years, with a slew of high-profile celebrity appearances and social media posts on its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. 

As part of the deal, Betsey, who starred in the ABC show The Bachelor, is reportedly set to be paid $1 million for the business. 

Betty White, who co-starred with Betsey on the show, has previously commented on BetseyScoop’s closure, saying, “We have always been proud of Betsey & Co, and the incredible people who make it happen every day. 

With this investment in the company, we’re able to bring our passion and talent to a new level and bring Betsey more of the attention she deserves.” 

Breakfast Collective was founded by celebrity chef/food entrepreneur/founder, Michael Pascale. 

Breakfasts are an annual tradition for many of Betseys most loyal customers. 

For many Betseys customers, they’re a source of comfort and convenience. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, BetseyScoops breakfast menu features items from a wide range of popular brands, including Kona and Tofutti, with the majority of the menu items sold through BetseyCo’s own online store. 

A new line of items has been introduced to Betseyco’s breakfast menu, including the Betsey Cooks Breakfast Sandwich and a new breakfast sandwich. 

Currently, Betsells Breakfast sandwich is available for $1.99, while the breakfast sandwich is $4.99. 

There’s also a new brunch salad. 

When asked whether Betsey was considering closing, the company’s head of corporate communications, Scott Pascales, said, “Absolutely not.

We’re excited about what’s ahead and are excited to return to our original vision for Betsey as a top-quality brand.” 

Read more at Betsey Co’s blog and on Instagram and Facebook.

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