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How to make a spicy buffalo julepea and store it in a bag

Bats are among the most nutritious animals on earth.

They are rich in protein, fats, iron, zinc and magnesium.

But there is a downside.

Bats can become infected with a parasitic parasite, which can lead to blindness, infertility and even death.

Bacteria that thrive in bats are also known to cause diseases like Lyme disease.

So the idea of storing bat meat in a jar was born.

“The bats in my bag are my food, they’re my source of nutrition and my source for health,” says Jasmine Bate, the owner of Bats & Bean Bar in Phoenix, Arizona.

“It’s my way of providing a way to preserve them and make them a part of our culture.”

It was a big step for Jasmine.

Her family had a long history of preserving bats in jars, so it was something that she wanted to bring to life.

Jasmine was inspired by her own love of wild game and how it would benefit her food.

She took a couple of days to make the jars, and they’ve been sitting in the fridge ever since.

“I think that it is very important for people to be able to enjoy the taste of wild wildlife and the flavour of wild animals,” she says.

“We’re all about wildlife in our lives, so having something like this in a store is a very important thing.”

So far, Jasmine has kept her bat jars in the freezer and on the countertop.

When the time came to move them to the refrigerator, she says she wanted something simple that would look good on the table.

So she started to create a design.

“People really loved the idea,” she laughs.

“They’re just fascinated with the idea.”

The concept Jasmine came up with is simple.

She created a jar that’s almost as big as the bat she’s storing it in.

The idea was to store the bat meat inside the jar, while also keeping the jar in a warm and dark place.

Jasmin’s team used a number of different materials to create the design.

It consists of a wood veneer, a stainless steel door and a copper frame.

They then made a mesh with wood and wood grain, then a metal sheet to hold the jar lid and a rubber band to hold it in place.

All in all, it took around two weeks to complete the project.

Jasika says it took about a week and a half to complete each of the three phases of the project, and she was able to start work on the next phase a month before she was expecting to.

The result is a simple, stylish and visually appealing jar.

“Bats have been very good at surviving for a long time in our homes, and it’s important that we preserve them as much as we can,” she explains.

“This jar is a great way to make sure that we do that.”

Jasmine’s project is one of many initiatives that her business partners are running around the country to preserve bat biodiversity and support their conservation efforts.

It’s also part of a new campaign called Bat Conservation International.

The initiative aims to bring together the businesses of the world’s largest bats and conservation organisations, as well as animal welfare organisations and local governments.

“What we’re doing is making sure that this beautiful animal doesn’t end up on the dinner table in the next century,” says the organisation’s head of strategy, Dr. Daniel S. Gervais.

“Bat Conservation International is trying to get more businesses around the world involved in bat conservation, and the bat is just one of the many species we need to save,” he says.

The team has also made a video series of bat conservation videos, in which they explain the challenges and benefits of keeping bats in captivity.

Jasima says she has been very impressed by the support from her customers.

“These guys have really been fantastic,” she adds.

“There’s a lot of passion for this.”

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