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Bless : Shop Bless Online Material ‘Hairdress’ in a shampoo box is a buzz, says business owner

‘Hairdress’ in a shampoo box is a buzz, says business owner

Hairdresser Adam Stahl is an enthusiastic fan of shampoo, and he thinks the buzz around it is the best he’s ever seen. 

“I’ve been in business for almost 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” he says.

“I haven’t seen something like this before in my entire life. 

We were just trying to keep the buzz going and keep our customers coming.” 

He is now trying to bring that buzz to a salon in Southport, in Victoria’s north-west, that he says has been the subject of a $2 million renovation. 

The business has been in operation for a few years, but Mr Stahl says the buzz is “going to catch on”.

“I just love it,” he said.

“It’s so simple and it’s just something that I’ve been using for years.”

The buzz around the shampoo business has seen it become a buzzworthy brand and has even been given a star on the Australian Hotels and Resorts (AHR) Hotels & Resorts Awards shortlist.

“This is something I think is going to catch a lot of people’s attention, I think,” Mr Stahl said. 

He has been working on the project for the last two years, and is working with the city’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning to build the salon.

“We’re hoping to do something a little bit more ambitious and really, really innovative, that people can really appreciate,” Mr STahl said.

Hair dress in a barber’s boxThe salon is just one of several new businesses that have been established across Victoria in recent months.

“The main thing is that we’re trying to create a bit of buzz around our business,” Mr O’Brien said.

He said he wanted to get the buzz out there, to encourage people to come in and try our business.

“If you have a barbershop in the suburbs, you might not go in and say ‘oh, you guys need a haircut’, but if you’ve got a barbshop in a suburb, you’d come in.”

There are a lot more barbershops in Victoria now than there were five or 10 years ago.

“Mr O’Brien said the idea was to try and get people to see how much the business is valued by their local community.”

That’s where I think we’re really at,” he explained.”

Our barbers are the ones who make a difference, but the people who go in have got to see it for themselves.


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