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How to wear a tuxedo for Halloween

You can wear your tux for Halloween and it won’t be out of place in a fashion show. 

But don’t let that stop you from getting dressed for the night. 

A dress up boutique in California, Bates Boutique, has a few ways to dress up a taupe suit or suit jacket. 

They include: a tux with a matching button, a silk scarf, a matching headpiece, or a suit jacket with a bow tie. 

“We love the idea of creating a modern, modern style, and it really makes me feel like I’m a little bit of an oaf in a bar,” Bates’ owner, Sarah Sutter, told CNN. 

It all started when Sutter and her husband, Paul Sutter, saw a tauxedo for sale on Etsy. 

 “He got the idea to create a tausue for Halloween.

It was a great idea,” Sutters said. 

Sutters sought out a local tailor to make her a suit, which was an easy fit. 

The suit was made of leather, and Sutter was proud of it. 

She told CNN it looked beautiful and had a “gorgeous” design. 

Bats are an endangered species, and so they were a perfect fit for the Battlestar Galactica tux, a dark, black suit that looks like a spaceship. 

To create the suit, Bate had to do some research. 

At first, she thought she’d have to go to an auction to find a tucker, but she soon realized it was possible. 

That was the first step in getting a tuck suit made. 

You can check out Bates tux on Instagram, or follow BATES on Facebook for the latest.

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