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I’m Still Not Sure What ‘Boutique’ Means

“Boutiques are places where you can find something that makes you happy.

You can find a good dress that makes your face glow, or a good haircut that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end.

They’re the things that you don’t normally buy.”—Benjamin Franklin, 1789.

“It’s also what you should go for if you don ‘t want to buy the things you really want.”—James Baldwin, 1946.

“A place that has a wide variety of things is a place that makes life worthwhile.”—John Darnielle, 1958.

“Bouts, however, are not places to shop.

They are not shops.

You have to go to them for things that are important to you.”—Barbara Kay, 1996.

“We are not all in the same boat.

You go to a boutique, and you have a good time.”—Gillian Flynn, 2000. “

A good boutique is one where you go to the bar, not the store.

You go to a boutique, and you have a good time.”—Gillian Flynn, 2000.

“When you look around the world, it’s almost impossible to find places that you can’t be yourself.”—Marianne Williamson, 2006.

“You know, for some people, being a boutique is like having a big family.”—Shelley Morris, 2011.

“The point is that the point of being a person is not to have a big house, a big car, a huge wardrobe, or the kind of lifestyle that most people live.

It’s to have some sense of identity.”—Bill Maher, 2011

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