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Bless : Shop Bless Online Price ‘Glamour’ boutique is in hot water for not wearing a hijab

‘Glamour’ boutique is in hot water for not wearing a hijab

Glamour is in a legal hot water over its refusal to wear a hijab and not allow a guest to use the women’s room, a complaint filed by a Muslim woman has claimed.

The women’s clothing store in Delhi’s Gurgaon has been slammed by a Hindu community for its dress code, which bans women from covering their faces in public places, and for not having an entrance for guests.

A group of Hindu women, including two sisters, who have lodged a complaint with the Delhi High Court, have asked the court to order the company to allow guests to enter the women-only space if they are women and to remove its dress codes from the premises.

“The company is violating the tenets of religion by not wearing its own mandatory hijab,” said Sarita Jain, a member of the Muslim community in Delhi.

“We are demanding that the company remove the dress code and allow women to wear their own clothes in the women section.

We are demanding an explanation from the company.”

The complaint also seeks an explanation for the dress codes for the women and the men’s section.

“If the company is in violation of its obligations under the religious code, then the company should have to apologise to us and take steps to rectify the situation,” said Jain.

“They are violating the religious codes by not taking up their responsibility under the code.”

Glamours has been in the news for not allowing women to use its women-friendly women’s section, which is located at the top of its stores, but also on its men-only sections, and a large number of women have complained to the store.

The women’s sections are often crowded and full of guests.

The company has denied any wrongdoing and claimed that it has always followed the religious rules.

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