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Bless : Shop Bless Online Type The latest VR-enabled wearable, the HTC Vive, could be a killer product

The latest VR-enabled wearable, the HTC Vive, could be a killer product

The HTC Vive is one of the most ambitious virtual reality products we’ve seen yet, and it’s now launching its first major update to the headset this week.

This update, which adds a bunch of new features, should help the headset become a more viable alternative to the Oculus Rift.

Here’s everything you need to know about the update.

VR headset update 1.0.3 is now live on the HTC website This update adds a lot of new content, including a new “VR” mode that allows the headset to be used with multiple virtual reality headsets.

It also adds an “open” mode, allowing the headset’s controller to be attached to your face.

You can also use it with other Vive controllers like the HTC Wand, a new controller that looks a lot like the Oculus Touch controllers that we’ve previously seen in the Oculus store.

The Vive’s main controller works on a “virtual” interface with the headset.

It connects to a Vive controller like the one you’d use to play the Rift, but the Vive is also capable of interacting with the Oculus Controller, a controller that you use to control a VR game.

This controller can also be used to play games, but it only works in VR.

For example, it can’t be used for controllers that can’t work in VR, like the controllers for the Oculus Home, Oculus Touch, and Oculus Touch Pro.

VR mode in VR is the most immersive and most fun way to use the Vive, but this update will make it even more accessible.

You don’t need to be a fan of Oculus Rift to experience VR mode on the Vive.

You could easily switch over to using the Oculus controller to play with other VR headsets.

Here are some of the major new features that the update adds: “VR mode” is the default mode of the HTC VR headset, and will be used by the majority of people using the headset in the near future.

“Open” mode lets you connect the headset controller to your head, so you can use the headset as a controller for a VR headset.

You also get a new interface that looks very much like the Rift’s main interface.

You’ll notice that you don’t have to be using the Vive controllers to use this interface.

This interface is also very similar to the one that you’d find on the Oculus Store.

You might notice that the interface is smaller, but in terms of design, this is no accident.

The HTC VR team worked hard to get the Oculus interface to be as small as possible.

“VR interface” is where you connect your controllers to the Vive and where you can select the Oculus game controller and the Vive’s “Open mode.”

“Open modes” lets you change the default virtual reality mode for the HTC Rift headset.

“Virtual” mode is the only mode that doesn’t have an actual VR mode, but rather allows the Vive to act as a VR controller for other VR devices.

For the first time, you can attach a controller to the top of the Vive headset to switch between VR and traditional VR.

In VR mode you can move around and interact with the world, and you can play games in VR as well.

There’s also a new set of “open mode” controller options that allows you to connect to other VR controllers like Oculus Touch.

You get a “cross-head” controller, which is an alternative to using a normal Vive controller with the Vive that has a cross-head design that is similar to a traditional controller.

It’s also similar to what we saw in the Rift store, where you get the option to use a crosshair to control an Oculus Rift game.

VR interface is now available in the HTC store, so if you’re looking for more VR features in the future, this update is worth checking out.

HTC Vive update 1 (3.5) is available for pre-order Now that HTC is rolling out this update to its Vive headset, we’re also seeing a number of new HTC Vive pre-orders, so it’s possible that the headset will become available for purchase at some point in the coming weeks.

While we don’t know when the update will go live for the Vive as of yet, we can assume that it will come with a pre-sale that gives people the opportunity to pre-pay for the headset at a discounted price.

You will have to pay a minimum purchase price of $499 to preorder the Vive at its current price of just $599, which we imagine will be around the $500 price point.

There are currently no other Vive preorders for sale at the time of this writing, but we’re sure that HTC will be making an announcement soon regarding this new update.

HTC update 1 pre-sales HTC Vive 1 preorders available, HTC Vive will be available for $599 in the first month, Vive will become a $99 purchase, HTC will add support for more Vive controllers.

HTC is also now listing the Vive on its website, so that preorders can

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