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Bless : Shop Bless Online Newest A woman says the only thing she really wants to buy at Macy’s is a dress

A woman says the only thing she really wants to buy at Macy’s is a dress

A woman in the New York City Macy’s department store told HuffPost that she’s always had a soft spot for the store’s women’s boutique, but her love of the store was interrupted this week when the company revealed it had to shutter a small boutique in the Macy’s Women’s Collection because it couldn’t meet strict safety standards.

“It’s not the same.

I don’t think that I want to wear clothes anymore,” said the customer, who didn’t give her last name because she is a Macy’s employee.

“It’s just not the Macy that I grew up with.

It’s not a Macy that you can look at every day.”

When the New Year’s Eve parade ended in New York, the Macy Bros. &shops at Macy &amp=amp;Mart closed, with the only remaining items for sale on the shelves being a large collection of dresses and skirts.

The stores had been slated to reopen next week.

The New York Police Department has now told Macy’s stores that if a dress or skirt is sold, they can’t be sent to a dry cleaners, unless the dress or garment has been certified to be “unsafe for use.”

“It seems like we’re not allowed to give them a break,” said a police spokesperson, who added that “we do not have the authority to send clothing to dry cleaners.”

The spokeswoman said that if the store did not have sufficient inventory to meet the safety standards for the Women’s collection, it would have to shut down.

The NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Macy’s announced last week that it would temporarily close stores that sell women’s clothing and accessories to the public.

The chain also announced plans to create an online store for women’s fashion.

The closures will be phased in over the next several months.

The Macy’s closures come amid an increasing trend in the fashion industry, where the industry is struggling to meet growing demand for women-focused, more personal clothing.

The shift has created a new type of retail outlet, one that can offer more personalized service and provide a more personalized experience.

It doesn’t seem to be a conscious effort on their part to make sure that there’s no way that the stores can still be open.””

I think it’s a very real, very real issue.

It doesn’t seem to be a conscious effort on their part to make sure that there’s no way that the stores can still be open.”

Shaffer said that the issue is a “serious one” for women and girls, because the closings have the potential to create “a lot of trauma” for families and the women who work there.

“This is really a concern for families, because they’re dealing with the impact of these closures on their own lives,” she said.

“They’re dealing in a place that has to be pretty traumatic for them, and I think that’s going to be really difficult.”

Shafer, who is also a senior vice president at the Urban Institute, said the closures could affect the Macys Women’s Boutique as well.

The mall’s closure comes as Macy’s has been struggling to make ends meet, with its retail revenues falling short of analysts expectations.

In May, the company reported its fourth quarter earnings for the year, falling short by $4.9 billion from a year earlier.

The company also announced that its sales for the first quarter were $4 billion lower than analysts had predicted.

Macy’s shares dropped 7.4% in after-hours trading, or $4 per share.

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