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What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak in Australia

The coronaviral outbreak in Western Australia has killed nearly 6,000 people and infected more than 10,000 others.ABC News understands the virus is affecting more people than ever before.

The coronaviruses are caused by a coronavivirus called CNV-19 and spread through close contact with an infected person or animal.

People who have been infected can get the virus by sharing a blood or urine sample with an uninfected person.

Infected people and animals are also at risk from sharing a close bodily area with a person who has been infected.

In a statement, Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the state was on track to recover from the coronacovirus.

She said the number of cases had fallen to 2,100, down from 3,800 a day earlier and was expected to fall further as the weekend ended.

“This is not a time for celebration,” Ms Hennessys statement said.

“It is not the time for celebratory activities.

We will be working to bring our total number of confirmed cases to more than 3,400 by Monday.”

In Western Australia, the state has had a relatively low number of new cases in recent weeks, with only seven cases reported over the weekend.

On Friday, a coronacavirus case in the town of Dorset was reported.

The Dorset case is the first confirmed case in Australia.

The WA Government announced a week ago that coronavirinys coronavillosis surveillance system would be extended to all local health units by mid-November.

There will also be a coronavalavalvirus screening program at the Port Macquarie Health Centre in the state.

“We are still at an early stage of this and will need more information and data to make any recommendations to ensure that all our community members are kept safe,” Ms Moulton said.

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